P . Chengal Reddy


Age: 72
Chief Advisor, Consoritum of Indian Farmers Associations.
(CIFA) Honorary Chairman- Federation of Farmers Associations

CHENGAL REDDY is instrumental in establishing India’s Apex Professional Farmers’ Organization – Consortium of Indian Farmers Associations (CIFA). It is a Non-Political, democratically functional Association. It has now active participation from AP, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, J & K and Uttaranchal.

CIFA networks the farmers as Commodity (Producer) Interest Group (CIGs) – (Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Coffee, Horticulture, Red Gram, Oil Seeds, Rubber, Tobacco, etc.), State Farmers Federations, Water User’s Groups, Co-operatives and independent farmers’ organizations (Shetkari Sanghatana, Maharashtra, Kheduth Samaj, Gujarat and others) with over 300 farmers’ associations Members (indirect membership of 40 million farmers).

  • CIFA’s focus is on Liberalization Policies Identification and lobbying for change. It works with Institutions of Central and State Governments, Planning Commission, on Price Fixation with CACP, procurement with FCI, Credit with NABARD and research with ICAR.
  • CIFA actively supports farmers partnering with industry on mutually beneficial issues – Indian Farmer and Industry Alliance (IFIA). It works on common policies of liberalizing and mechanizing Agriculture Sector, FDI in retail, introducing GMOs and supports PPP (including FDI) in Infrastructure, Irrigation and Power Generation.
  • CIFA’s Members are nominated in International, National and State Committees. CIFA is active on policy propagation with Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly, Agriculture Experts, Media and also World Bank, WEF, WRF and FAO.
  • Chengal Reddy participated in 11 International Conference. He was invited by Indian Union Finance Ministry to participate in 8 Pre-Budget meetings. He regularly writes articles and participates in media debates in addition to conferences, seminars including World Economic Forum, World Bank conferences and others.
  • During 2010-12, CIFA supported Liberalization Policies including decontrol of Sugar, removing Restrictions on trading, processing, storing and export wheat, rice, cotton etc.. CIFA lobbied for organizing Special Parliament Session to implement Agriculture Reforms.
  • It has been working to 2006 National Commission of Farmers(Dr. M.S.Swainadhan) Committee report implemented. In 2011 it has filed case in Supreme Court of India for its speedy implementation.

Major Initiatives (1985-2017):

1. 1991. Commenced working with PTR farm Foundation
2. 1992-1996. organized and participated in ‘Bhagreeratha’ and ‘Swarnamukhi’ river projects. Member of the State Farmers Advisory Committee.
3. 1996 established Federation of Farmers Associations in AP and in other states. Publication of Rythu Seva Magazine.
4. 2004 established CIFA, India’s National Farmers Apex Organization having representation in 14 states. The Members are State Federations, Commodity Groups, Water Users, etc., with office facilities at New Delhi and Hyderabad.
5. 2004 Revitalized Parliament Member Farmers Forum (PMFF)
6. 2005 established Indian Farmers and Industry Alliance (IFIA)
7. Initiated Liberalization Policies in Agriculture Sector, FDI in retail, PPP, Bio-technology & Liberalization and organized meetings and participated in Linking of Rivers propagation.
8. Organized 10 National Conferences in addition to large number of State level Conferences and Commodity farmers’ meetings. Prepared Status Papers and Studies on various Issues. (Details in www.indianfarmers.org).
9. Participated in 8 Pre-Budget Meetings convened by Union Finance Minister. 10. Participated in the Farmers’ Convention organized by President of India in 2011-12.
11. Participated in World Bank, IMF and World Economic Forum Conferences. 12. Participated in “38th World Farmers Congress” at Warsaw, Poland.
13. Member of 12th Plan Sub Committee on Agriculture, and Member of NIRD, ICAR, Environment, Bureau of Indian Standards and other Committees.
14. Published books in English, Telugu, written articles and participated in TV debates.
15. 2014: Initiated uniting Farmers’ Associations on common agenda & programs.
16. 2014: Became Chief Advisor to CIFA.


Present Activities:

Chief Advisor – Consortium of Indian Farmers Associations (CIFA).
Chairman – Federation of Farmers Associations, AP.

-Advocate, AP HIGH COURT


Activities over the years:

Member : Task Force on Agriculture Development National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog (Planning Commission)

Member : National Research Centre on Plant Bio Technology

Member : Forward Market Commission

Member : ATMA.

Member : Ministry of Environment and Forest Steering Committee

Member : Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority

Member : ICAR

2017: Bangalore: Evolving common agenda for unification of Farmers.

2016: December : Efforts to solve problems arising out of Demonetization.</>

2015: Worked to resolve payment of arrears to Sugar Cane growers.

2014: Released Farmers Charter of Demands for 2014 Parliament Elections.

2013: Worked for approval of GM Mustered evolved by Dr. Deepak Pental,Delhi University.

2012: Participated in Farmers & Industry Partnership meeting convened by President of India.

2000-2011: Participated in Planning Commission for interaction 10th, 11th & 12th

2005: Member, Expert Group to Review Ground Water Ownership.

2004 : Member, Working Group-Credit related issues, NABARD, Mumbai

2004: Member, Committee on Public-Private Partnership Ministry of Agriculture, GOI,

2002-2009 : Consultant – NATP (ATMA) Project – MANAGE, Hyderabad

2003-2010 : CII – Member – Sub-Committee on National Agricultural Council

2001-04 : Member-Govt. of A.P. – Task Force on Agriculture, Electricity, WTO etc

1995-96 : Member – Indian Council of Agriculture Research, General Council

1994-95 : Member – Agriculture Development Board, GOAP

Working with AGRITERRA, The PASSAGE, THE NETHERLANDS and World Rural Forum.
Participation in International Conferences:

2012: Kingsman Dubai Sugar Conference.

2011: World Economic Forum at Davos – Indian Economic Summit, Mumbai.

2009: Global Farmers Leadership, Singapore.

2009: Invitee for World Bank/ IMF annual meetings in Washington.

2009: BTC conference in Belgium.

2009: Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) conference in Switzerland.

2008: International Federation of Agricultural Producer (IFAP) Regional Conference,Philippines.

2008: IFAP World Farmers Congress, Poland.

2007: AGRICORD Conference, Belgium.

2002: WSSD Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2002: Crop Life Asia Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.

2000: World Food Day Conference, The Netherlands.

1999: Biotech Conference by CGIAR, Washington, USA.